Monday, May 15, 2017

D.C. Prayer

Jefferson Memorial Ben, Aabaran, and Kevin Dear Lord, We gather here at the Jefferson Memorial to pray for our nation. The Jefferson Memorial is 129 feet tall and was built and designed by John Russel Pope in 1943. Dear God, please watch over this memorial as we gather here today. Jefferson was a great role model and figure to the catholic community. He was a great person and was a key piece to the United States history. We pray that he gives us strength and courage to live our lives as active Catholics. We ask our lord to guide us to be a strong leader in times of hardship like Jefferson went through. We are hopeful that one day we can all be as reverent as Jefferson was. We ask this through Christ our lord. Amen.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

World War Newscast(Reflection)

Throughout the process of making a green screen film in a group I definetly learned alot. My job was to act as if I were on the battle field during the war. I also helped out with recording and editing. I learned how to use a green screen properly for education and see how it can be helpful for learning. I also learned how to be effective in group projects. It was definetly a overall great learning experience for both myself and the rest of my group. I had a fun time working in a group but it was challenging at timed and i learned how to work around those challenges by coordinating with my group members or perservering through our challenges. I would like to thank Mrs. Tuten for giving us this oppurtunity and the members of my group for making this possible

World War Newscast(Tech Project)